WOW! All the Time I Spend On THIS Site and I Lack Content Ideas? WTF?

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How To Generate Fresh Content Ideas


As you can see by my post dates on this site, I don’t do content.

But I ran into this dude online and he was telling me about traffic methods that I used to know about and others that are brand new to me.

And he proved, through third-party sources, that these traffic sources can all deliver millions of unique and real visitors to your websites.

Absolutely NO junk traffic and, overall, more than 97% of this free traffic is organic.

But here’s my problem…

They rely on content.

Fresh, consistent content.

They’re monster traffic sources and MONSTERS have to EAT.

So, in order to get this free traffic, I have to start writing…


Which brings me to the actual topic of this post:

Finding Content Ideas

It’s not hard, really.

It may seem that way.

But here’s a simple, little trick:

Where do you spend time RECEIVING content that is related to the content that you need to GIVE?

If you spend a lot of time clicking Safelist links, get content ideas from them.

What are others promoting?

How are they promoting it?

Write about it!

Same with Traffic Exchanges, Viral Mailers and other free traffic sites.

And what about posting ads in Facebook groups?

While you’re there, grab some content ideas!

Now here’s the big one for me…

Maybe for you, too…


I’ll spend hours on YouTube looking up ideas for funnels, products to promote and, of course, ways to get free traffic.

Now here’s the big question…

How can I spend so much time on such a content-packed website and not have any content ideas?

Tell me in the comments if this helps you and if you have any other methods for generating your own fresh content ideas.


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