While I am certain that I have posted this photo here before, I am doing it again.


 I took this shot on 10/27/2019. I believe that was only my third trip out as a new photographer.

Sure, it’s not the best. There are things that a more experienced photographer would have done differently. But, as a brand new, inexperienced photographer at that time, this photo is bad ass! And it is still my favorite after all of the shots that I have taken in the nearly three months, since then.

So, what would I have done differently?

First thing’s first; I would have ducked down a little lower to even out the green at the bottom and the blue at the top.

I also would have stepped to the left a bit. The combination of moving down and moving left would have hidden the back tree and removed the top-right limbs from the frame completely.

I was so happy with that photo when I took it, that I didn’t bother looking closer until I got home and put it on the big screen.

But that tree is still there and I am still here and we will meet again in October of 2020!

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