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Make Money on ClickASnap


What is ClickASnap?

ClickASnap is a social media website for photographers, where, as a ClickASnap member, you can upload your own photographs.

Once uploaded, there are multiple ways that you can earn money from your photos.


Earning Money From ClickASnap

1) Get Authentic Views.

At ClickASnap, you can actually get paid each time that your images are viewed.

What is an “authentic view?”

By this, I mean that the traffic going to your photos on your ClickASnap profile is not “bot” traffic, paid-to traffic or other fake methods of artificially inflating your view count and cheating the system.


2) Sell Prints of Your Photographs.

Yes!  You can actually sell your photography prints directly from within your ClickASnap profile.

What is even better is that you set your own prices and you know the base price up front (i.e. the minimum that you can charge to pay fees and earn a profit).

So, you know in advance exactly what your profit margin is going to be per sold photo.


3) Sell Products with Your Photos on Them.

From stickers and stationary to cushions and clothing – and a whole lot more!

As with selling your photographic prints, you also set your own prices for other physical and digital items created from your photos.

The pay-per-view feature is what most people sign up for.

So here are a few tips for getting more genuine views.


Getting Paid-Per-View

1) Post Pics Often

Don’t spam the place or your followers will get tired of you.

But post a few new photos every week (or every day), if you can.


2) View Other Photographers

Most of the people on ClickASnap are real photographers, just like you.

Engage with them by viewing and Liking their photos and following them.


3) Promote Your Photos

When you post new photos, mention them on Facebook and other social media channels.

Linking directly to the photos on your ClickASnap profile will send your traffic right to where the money is!

Maximizing Your View Count

To get the most views, be sure to optimize every image for search.

When people use the search feature on ClickASnap, you want your photographs to show up high in the search results.

This way you can get a lot of people viewing your photos and earning you lots of passive income.

I can help with that!

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Summary ClickASnap Questions ‘n’ Answers

Question 1:  What are the Different Ways to Earn Money From ClickASnap?

ClickASnap offers three ways to earn money from uploaded photographs: (1) getting paid per view, (2) selling prints of your photographs and (3) selling products with your photos on them, such as stickers, cushions and clothing.

Question 2:  How Can You Get More Genuine Views on ClickASnap?

To get more genuine views on ClickASnap, post new photos consistently, engage with other photographers on the website and promote your photos on social media channels.  To maximize views, optimizing every image for search is also important, so that your photographs show up high in search results.

Question 3:  What is an “Authentic View” on ClickASnap?

An authentic view on ClickASnap refers to a real view of a photograph on your profile, as opposed to bot traffic, paid-to traffic or other fake methods of artificially inflating view counts. ClickASnap pays members for each authentic view of their images, which means that you earn money only when real people view your photos.


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