Newbie Photography Tip #1: GET OUT THERE AND SHOOT!

Seriously Shy Boys & Shy Girls. Just do it!

If you can’t make yourself walk down the street and just start shooting, take your camera to a hiking trail.  Chances are that you will enjoy peaceful solitude and come out with hundreds of shots!

Newbie Photography Tip #2: Get Off of Newbie Modes

In every mode, but Manual, the camera is doing most, if not all of the work.  If you want to grow, you have to let go of Auto Mode.

Newbie Photography Tip #3: Buy a Good, Solid Tripod

Do not skimp here.  Trust me; you’re going to need one.  And, if you worry too much about your beginner budget and don’t splurge on a good, solid tripod, I promise that you will regret it.

Newbie Photography Tip #4: Don’t Go With the Flow!

Let’s face it, there are millions of people out there who just shoot the typical touristy shots.  You are different.  You have your own eyes, your own perspective.  Use your imagination.

If everyone else is standing up, lay down.  Get that low-angle shot that no one else is taking.  If everyone else is shooting the ‘clean’ tree, shoot the one with moss on it.  If that’s what you like: be you and you will stand out.

Newbie Photography Tip #5: Don’t Shoot & Run

Unless you know that you got the shot you want the first time, take multiple photos with different settings.  It is better to have three shots of the same thing with different exposure settings, than to get home and realize that the only photo you took was a blurry disaster or too dark to see.

Bonus Newbie Photography Tip: Experience is Your Best Friend

I mean that two-fold…

1) Get out there and gain experience with your camera.

2) Learn from experienced photographers.

Here are some YouTube links to get you started.

Click here to check out Peter McKinnon’s channel.

A couple of links to get you off of Auto mode:

Camera Basics with Peter McKinnon

Understanding Exposure with Mark Wallace – In-Depth 6-Part Series

And here is something that you’ll be glad to start learning early on:

Histograms In Photography

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