Hello, I’m David Smith

The first time that I went out to Cranny Crow Overlook, on my way back, I took the wrong turn on Millers Rock Trail – and did not know it until I reached the end of the mountain.  —I thought that only happened in movies and extreme sports 😉

I’m glad for that wrong turn, however.  Sure, I didn’t get off of the trails until well after dark, but I saw some amazing sights.  Like the one at the left.

That is the only view that I can recall ever making me sigh and bringing tears to my eyes.  What a beautiful sight.  And, coincidentally, it is the last view before the trail takes a loop and doubles back on itself in a last ditch effort to keep going.

The whole day of shooting and, especially, that final shot, has changed my perspective entirely.  Now, without intent, everything I see is a potential photograph.

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