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This page is kind of a “one size fits all” page, because I’m not sure how you got here.

Maybe you saw a flyer in town, a note in a store, received a text message or, perhaps, you clicked through from Facebook.

In any case, HOW you got here isn’t important.  What matters is that YOU ARE HERE!

Good for you!

You are on your way to receiving a cool $80-$90+ per referral!

Now, before I get into details, I want to be up front with you, because I do not want to waste your time.

So, the first thing that you need to know are a few requirements.

1. This is NOT free to join.  If you want to succeed with this, you must make a $40 payment today.  After that, there will be a $20 payment each month.  Read below to see what you’re getting for that.

2. You must use a credit card or debit card to make the $40 payment.  Please do NOT use a prepaid card, bank draft, etc.  Using a credit or debit card will get you full training, while other payment methods will only get you basic training to get you set up.

3. You must have a smart phone.  I will be training you to make money with your phone.  This will allow you to make money anytime and from anywhere, as opposed to being glued to a chair in front of your desktop or laptop computer.

If you do not make your $40 payment today, you will not receive any training or tools from me or those above me.

We all have to pay this to succeed with this program.

If you do not want to do this, please leave now, so that I am not wasting your time.

Still with me?


So here is what you get for your hard-earned money…


MCA Member Benefits at a Glance:


MCA Associate Benefits at a Glance:


Compensation Plan



I will be teaching you promotional methods that hardly anyone around you (if anyone) is doing and, thereby, minimizing your competition and maximizing your profit.

And, depending on how you got to this page, you may have seen a promise to teach you how to make $80+ using simple, extremely affordable sheets of paper and your phone.  That is one of the first things that I will teach you, once your promotional site is ready to go live.

BUT… You only get that training if you join today.

If this all sounds good to you and you are ready to get started, click this link now…


Questions or comments?

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