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KeySR: The Least Useful, Most Overcharged "Tool" in Marketing  

Categories: NegativeReviews

KeySR, A.K.A. Key/S/R, A.K.A. Keyword/Search/Rankings

From the owner: is an amazing tool that will help you check Google results as a local user.

Wait… Isn’t that what Google does?

KeySR can only search by country, not city or zipcode.  So, it’s not really a local search tool.

KeySR - Search by Country

KeySR – Search by Country

If I search directly in Bing, Yahoo or Google, at least I can type in a specific location of my choosing.

Google - Search Specific Location

Google – Search Specific Location

If that does not get me the results that I’m looking for (unlikely), I can dig deeper with Advanced Search.

KeySR takes forever to find page-one results.  Page One.  That means that there’s nothing involved that hasn’t already been taken care of by the search engine.  No sifting, no sorting, just grab what ya’ see on the first page and display it.

Keyword/Search/Rankings - Still Waiting

Keyword/Search/Rankings – Still Waiting

It only gives you ten unlinked search results.  That’s what you waited for.  A total waste of time.  You can get twice as many linked search results with a free tool called Traffic Travis.

Like KeySR, Traffic Travis enables you to search for results based on keyword and country (lots more countries than KeySR).  Unlike KeySR, Traffic Travis enables you to grab twenty results, as opposed to ten, and ignore your location altogether.  In Traffic Travis, if you want to view a result, just double-click on it.  And, unlike KeySR, Traffic Travis gives you a lot of extremely useful information, as you can see in the next screen shot.

Traffic Travis vs KeySR

Traffic Travis vs KeySR

KeySR’s results are in pre-defined cities that most people will have no interest in, as local marketers.  This means that, not only can you do the search yourself for free, but you can do it in much less time.  You don’t have to scroll past locations that you are not targeting (only to find that the location that you are targeting is not even on the list).

KeySR only searches Google.  One major concern that people don’t get about Google is that Google’s market share is based on bots created by people who cannot tie their software into more than one search engine (that’s right, it’s bot traffic —and tons of go-with-the-flow sheeple).

Keyword Search Rankings is super-duper-uber expensive…  Need I say more?

KeySR Prices - Mega Expensive

KeySR Prices – Mega Expensive

Okay, I’ll say more.  The owner of KeySR has clearly put no thought at all behind his pricing structure.  All he did was take a first-page-only version of Google and wrap it in different colors.  So, you’re getting much less than you would get if you searched directly in Google, but he wants you to pay for it.  Pay much, Much, MUCH more.

At $19+ per month, he ought to be offering unlimited everything for EVERY plan.  This tool is worthless.  How can anyone charge for something like this and still face the public?  And $490?  PER MONTH?  For a worthless report that literally shows no useful information?  Is he simply out to crush businesses?  Even if this tool was not worthless, it sure as heck would not be a replacement for all of the other monthly fees that businesses incur (autoresponders, SEO, marketing, etc.).  So, what makes it worth $490 each and every month?  Right, NOTHING!

Here are the plans; price, followed by what you get for your money.  Keep in mind that these are not one-time lifetime fees, as they should be for a crapplication of this nature.  They are MONTHLY fees!

$0 : Nothing
$19 : Nothing
$49 : Nothing
$79 : Nothing
$190 : Nothing
$490 : Nothing

So, what can this crapplication do for uber-overcharge that I cannot do ten times as much of myself for free and in less time?  Absolutely nothing.

Personally, I think $0 is way to much to pay for the time it would take me to sign up to this junk.

Normally, when I see a worthless piece of crap, I just let it be a worthless piece of crap in silence.  But this dude had the nerve to promote his worthless piece of crap by spamming my business.  Worse than that, HE OFFERED A VOUCHER!  On something that HE SHOULD BE PAYING ME to use.  Worse luck for you, dude.  Next time spam my personal email address…


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