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Free Domain & Website  

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This is a first-come-first-served offer, only available to my subscribers.  You must contact me to see if this offer is currently available.

You get free a .com, .net or .org domain name of your choice (provided it’s available) for 1 year, a hosting package of 12, 24 or 36 months (see package prices below) and a WordPress website uploaded, installed and configured with basic plug-ins, connection to email marketing and a free theme of your choice.


Included Plug-Ins:
All-in-One SEO Pack
Google XML Sitemaps
Optimize DB
Wordpress Backup
WordPress Database Backup

I am relying on affiliate commissions to get paid.  These commissions will come from you purchasing your hosting through my HostGator affiliate link and signing up to NameCheap (free) and Vertical Response (Free 100-email trial) through my affiliate links.  Therefore, if you are already, or have ever been, a member of NameCheap, HostGator and/or Vertical Response, I cannot extend this deal to you.  Sorry.

Since I am getting paid less than $45 in commissions for this service, the only thing custom in this offer is the domain name that you choose.  My offer is to get you online for as little as I can.  If you want them, custom header, footer and background graphics will cost an additional $50 payable directly to me through PayPal or Skrill.  If you need me to set up your first mailing list at Vertical Response, that will cost $25, also payable directly to me through PayPal or Skrill.  These prices are only available through this offer and only to current subscribers of David P. Smith/Grey Storm Media.

To be fair, your domain will stay in my name until my commissions have been registered in my accounts and any additional fees (graphics, email) have been paid.  This can take up to 90 days. In that time, you will still have full control over everything else (website, hosting, email).

Here’s how to get your free domain and website…

Click this link and submit the following details.  EVERYTHING IS REQUIRED!

What hosting plan do you want?
12, 24 or 36 months of Baby or Business (see prices below).  No matter what hosting plan you choose, your domain is yours for a full year.  If you want to run any kind of eCommerce on your website, Business Plan is by far the best deal.  Adding a private SSL certificate ($50) to Baby Plan jacks it up to $145.52.  That makes Business Plan already $2 cheaper than Baby Plan + SSL.  Now factor in Business Plan’s free toll-free phone number ($36 value) and free private IP address ($24 value).  —Just so that you know, I receive the same commission either way, so telling you this does not benefit me.

You MUST order at least one year of hosting.

HostGator Baby Plan:
Hosting 1 year = $95.52
Hosting 2 years = $171.84
Hosting 3 years = $228.96

HostGator Business Plan:
Hosting 1 year = $143.52
Hosting 2 years = $267.84
Hosting 3 years = $372.96

First Name
Last Name
Business Name (if any)
Street Address
Zip Code
Phone Number

Domain Name (check to see if it is available).

Your subscribed email address.

Download and attach the WordPress theme that you want.

Whether or not you want custom graphics and/or email marketing set up.

After you send me that information through the link above, I’ll reply to you with sign-up links (and payment links, if necessary).  After you have signed up (and paid), just leave the rest to me.  If I have any questions for you, I’ll ask.

There are absolutely no refunds for these services under any circumstances after I have begun the work.


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