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Google Maliciously Attacks Yet Another Site For No Reason!

Filed Under (Don't Tread On Me!, Membership Websites) by Dave on 20-02-2016

If you have visited my new site,, or you are a member of it, you have likely seen Google’s lies about it.

Google (A.K.A. wannabe “God”), a well-known spyware manufacturer, has hijacked Cash or Lead. (hypocrites)



They never scanned the site.  How do I know?  I BUILT IT!  So I know what is in it and what is not.  Google is claiming that the site contains malicious code, which, in fact, it does not.  So Google is lying when they claim to have scanned it.

To further prove that Google is lying, I re-uploaded the whole site.  So, in the extremely unlikely case that some script kiddie found the site in only 12 hours of it being online and injected any type of malicious content, the damaged file(s) will have been overwritten by the newly re-uploaded files.  And, yet, Google is still claiming “harmful content.”

Read This:


And I am not the first person that Google has lied about.  They have gained quite a reputation for defaming people and hijacking random websites for no reason.

There is nothing at all wrong with  It is 100% safe and secure.  It was even paying out money to members…


Here is the REAL problem:


MailChannels is an incompetent third-party SMTP (mailing) service.  (Like Amazon SES, but Amazon knows what they are doing and do it well.)

MailChannels LOVES to block emails.  They will block anything and everything for no reason.  Then claim that it was a “false positive.”  False positive?  Nah.  I think that you got into the business long before you had enough knowledge to be getting into anything other than your next dry diaper.  PUNK!

Keep reading…


Here’s the way that Cash or Lead’s sign-up process works:

A new member pays their $17 membership fee directly to their referring affiliate’s PayPal account.

PayPal then sends transaction details to my “Instant Payment Notification” processor.

My IPN processor creates the new member’s account and sends them their log-in details to their PayPal email address.

Typical subscription management system…  Works every time…  Right?  RIGHT!

Unless, of course, the sender of the welcome emails is MailChannels…

Now step into my shoes and experience this yourself…

Then you get annoyed customers wondering where their log-in details are.

So they write to you…

And you reply with an apology and their log-in details…

And good ol’ MailChannels blocks that, too.

So your annoyed customers never hear back from you.

Then you get pissed off customers wondering if they just got scammed.

Then your pissed off customers irrationally report your site as a phishing site, instead of simply getting a refund from PayPal. —No hard feelings, whoever you are. 😉

Then you get labeled as a “scammer” and wannabe “God” (A.K.A. Google), hijacks your site…




Google never even contacted you to find out if there was ACTUALLY a problem.

Nor did Google sheep; Mozilla, Apple or Microsoft…

They just hijacked your site, lied about you in emails and destroyed your reputation.

All because one incompetent mail company couldn’t send… uh… mail.


Now that you’ve been a victim of MailChannels’ incompetence and Google’s misinformation campaign, I hope that your experience helps you to understand what is going on with Cash or Lead and eases your worries.

>>> I have installed Firefox and Safari and have seen no warnings.  So hopefully this is over with them.  I will not install Google’s spyware on my computer.  So, if you are using Chrome, feel free to check the site and see if Google’s defamation (er, “warning”) page is still on it.  You can comment below to let me know.  I’ll appreciate it.

I promise you that I am doing nothing wrong.

I promise you that I have done nothing to deserve the ‘scammer’ reputation that I may get to live with for the next several years (or longer).

I promise you that Cash or Lead is NOT going away; no matter what Google or their think-inside-the-bah-ha-hax sheep “think” of it!



To Freedom,


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My BIG Email Flaw and How You Can Avoid it…

Filed Under (List Building, Membership Websites) by Dave on 21-03-2015

When you send a broadcast through your autoresponder, do you also send it to Twitter?

Here are a couple of mistakes that I have been making and how you can avoid making these same mistakes.


1. I write short subject lines.

This is not really a bad thing.  I do it intentionally so that people who download email to their computers see a full subject line, rather than too much of “this…”

The BIG flaw in this is that my Twitter profile has short posts that do not grab Twitter readers’ attention at all.

The simple fix for this is to write a longer subject line that will read well in Twitter, but put the main topic of the message at the very beginning for those who can only read short subject lines.  Just remember that the FULL post in Twitter is limited to 140 characters.  That includes the link that your autoresponder will create for the online version of your email message.

For example, if you use ListWire, you have 106 characters to play with.  The rest will be used by Twitter (“… “) and ListWire (““).


2. I write boring subject lines.

That sucks to admit, but it is true.  While many of my subject lines are written to get noticed, unfortunately many of them are written without much thought behind them.  For example, here is my latest subject, as of this writing:

A few items for you…

Sure; that will get a lot of opens 🙄 …  Not to mention how poorly it will go over in Twitter…

The fix?  Write subject lines with only one goal in mind: GET CLICKED!

I will give you an example of a better subject that I could have used (hind sight is 20/20).  But, before I do, I want to tell you what this email was about, so that you can see how and why this new subject line is better.

Recently, I released two new viral list builders.  My email promoted those and gave my subscribers resources to get their own viral list builders easily and afford-ably.  With that in mind, here is a much better subject line for that email:

My New List Builders… And YOURS!

It is not the greatest, but I bet that it will get a lot more opens than “A few items for you…

Here is an expanded version for Twitter:

My New List Builders… And YOURS! I almost gave up on list building until I found this. Don’t wait until you’re feeling beat. It’s so easy.

Note that I did not take into consideration the number of characters that will be used by Twitter and ListWire.  So this is what it looks like in Twitter:

My New List Builders… And YOURS! I almost gave up on list building until I found this. Don’t wait until …

That is not too bad, really, since it leaves the reader guessing.


Just keep in mind what your social profiles will look like when sending autoresponders or broadcasts to them.

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A Few Thoughts on Running Your Own Membership Website

Filed Under (Free Services, Membership Websites) by Dave on 06-02-2013

If I say, “Create a membership site,” what is the first thing to cross your mind?  Probably something along the lines of, “Oh, no, I have to create a bunch of content,” right?

But there are a lot of different types of membership websites through which you do not have to create content.  In fact, your members will create the content for you!

Read the rest of this entry »

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