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Quick, Easy Way to Separate Freebie Seekers From Buyers and Only Get the Buyers On Your List

Filed Under (Free Resources) by Dave on 18-06-2016

Are you sick of all the hype about using free reports to build your mailing list?  If you go by most of the education out there on this topic, this method is 100% guaranteed to cause you more trouble than it’s worth.


It inherently builds a freebie-seeker list.  Then you have to build too many additional campaigns, segmenting rules, etc. to get these free subscribers moved to your buyers list.

Can it be done?


Is it worth it?

Well, that is up to your personal opinion.  But, to me, it is not worth the time that it takes to create all of these extra campaigns.

So I have stopped creating squeeze pages and started working on building a pure buyers list from the beginning.  But that doesn’t mean that I no longer give anything away for free.  I just don’t add the “free” to my mailing list.

Click here to download my new report, “Free Report Buyers,” and see how I’m doing this.

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Are You Wasting Your Time and Money on Good Advertising?

Filed Under (Free Resources, List Building) by Dave on 13-05-2015

Want to Know What REALLY Drives Me Crazy?  Keep Reading…

Too many people join advertising sites just to fill out a form, it seems.  They join and then do nothing —not even post one ad!  Trust me.  I have built, own and manage several advertising sites —both free and paid— so I know this for a fact.  As the administrator, I see whether members are posting ads or not.  And it really drives me crazy that so many do not —especially in paid sites.

Why would anybody pay a monthly fee to an advertising site and then never advertise on it?  That is like INSISTING on giving away free money!  That’s CRAZY!


That’s what they are there for.  Advertising sites help you get traffic, get subscribers and build your business.  If it’s a free site that has an upgrade and you can afford it, upgrade and get more exposure for your business.  If it is a paid site, it probably has better advertising options than most decent free sites; take full advantage of it.

While you are getting something out of it if you only post one ad, why not go ahead an fill up all available ad slots?  For example, if you’re a free member and the site allows free members to post five ads, take advantage of all five.  That is more exposure for your business and it didn’t cost you anything, but a little time to join and post a few ads.

Some time ago I read something along the lines of, “It only makes sense to promote where you advertise.”  In other words, if you advertise on a site, promote that site.  You’re driving traffic to that site, which in turn, drives traffic to your ads, which in turn, drive traffic to your business.

No More Excuses! Build Your Business!

» Click Here to Download «

This package contains links to advertising sites that WILL help you build your business.  The steps to using this package are simple.

Step 1: Download the Package

Step 2: Extract the Contents

Step 3: Double-Click the Shortcuts

Step 4: Join Each of the Sites

Step 5: Post at Least One Ad in Each Site

Step 6: Promote Your Affiliates Link for Each Site

It may look like a lot in writing, but you can do all of this in LESS THAN 2 HOURS and have it working for you FOR A LIFETIME.


Why wouldn’t you take advantage of that?

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Free Online Hotsheet Shows You How to Start Getting Subscribers Today!

Filed Under (Free Resources, List Building) by Dave on 08-05-2015

No Fluff; Just Step-By-Step Instructions.

This method is very simple and 100% free.

No opt-in necessary for the hotsheet, but you will have to create a free account, if you do not already have one.

Click this link to start getting subscribers today!

This is the easiest list building method ever… yet it costs nothing, but a little bit of your time.  It could take minutes for those with experience in writing short ads and setting up mailing lists.  It will take a little longer for those without experience.  But if you’re new and inexperienced, don’t let a little time get in your way.

If you want to get subscribers starting today, DO THIS!

Click Here » Get Subscribers Today!

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Autoresponder Service Versus Autoresponder Script

Filed Under (Comparisons, Free Resources) by Dave on 26-08-2013

Recently, I was asked a question regarding autoresponders.  My response turned out to be a bit detailed and I thought many people could benefit from it.  You can read it below (between asterisks).

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Free Domain & Website

Filed Under (Free Resources, Free Services) by Dave on 18-10-2012

This is a first-come-first-served offer, only available to my subscribers.  You must contact me to see if this offer is currently available.

You get free a .com, .net or .org domain name of your choice (provided it’s available) for 1 year, a hosting package of 12, 24 or 36 months (see package prices below) and a WordPress website uploaded, installed and configured with basic plug-ins, connection to email marketing and a free theme of your choice.

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A Few of My Favorite Free Resources

Filed Under (Free Resources) by Dave on 17-04-2012

If you’re sick of looking for free stock images, video backgrounds, audio clips, etc., take a look below.  This stuff is no secret; it’s not hidden.  You just have to dig beyond page one in search results.  The best stuff in any industry is usually page three and beyond.

Here are a few of my favorites.

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