Rapid List Building Made Easy!

Quick, Easy Way to Separate Freebie Seekers From Buyers and Only Get the Buyers On Your List

Are you sick of all the hype about using free reports to build your mailing list?  If you go by most of the education out there on this topic, this method is 100% guaranteed to cause you more trouble than it’s worth.


It inherently builds a freebie-seeker list.  Then you have to build too many additional campaigns, segmenting rules, etc. to get these free subscribers moved to your buyers list.

Can it be done?


Is it worth it?

Well, that is up to your personal opinion.  But, to me, it is not worth the time that it takes to create all of these extra campaigns.

So I have stopped creating squeeze pages and started working on building a pure buyers list from the beginning.  But that doesn’t mean that I no longer give anything away for free.  I just don’t add the “free” to my mailing list.

Click here to download my new report, “Free Report Buyers,” and see how I’m doing this.

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Google Maliciously Attacks Yet Another Site For No Reason!

Google’s Defamation Page Hijacks Yet Another Website and Ruins Yet Another Reputation…

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Are You Wasting Your Time and Money on Good Advertising?

Want to Know What REALLY Drives Me Crazy? Keep Reading…

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Free Online Hotsheet Shows You How to Start Getting Subscribers Today!

Start Getting Subscribers Today! No Opt-in. No Fluff. Just Step-By-Step Instructions. Click Here to Get Subscribers Starting Today!

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My BIG Email Flaw and How You Can Avoid it…

When you send a broadcast through your autoresponder, do you also send it to Twitter? Here are a couple of mistakes that I have been making and how you can avoid making these same mistakes.

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Noob List Building Simplified – 10-Level Downline Mailer

Noob List Building Simplified enables you to email your downline 10 levels deep! Click here for more information.

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My EZ List Building – 10-Level Downline Mailer

My EZ List Building allows you to email your downline 10 levels deep! Click here for more information.

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2015 New Year’s Resolution

Well here we go.  A new year.  Every year is the same as last year. But not in 2015! Usually I am all over the place —affiliating for commissions, trying to make money or build a mailing list with program after program; a new one every week, it seems. But in 2015, I am focusing […]

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Camtasia Video Secrets, First Video

This is my first video after purchasing and watching Mark Dulisse's Camtasia Video Secrets. It's not the greatest video ever, but it shows how easy it is for even a newcomer to create decent videos with Mark's training.  So, if you have been wanting to start creating videos to use in your marketing, get your […]

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TrafficWave List Builder – Rapid List Builder for TrafficWave Members

If your TrafficWave leads and subscribers are coming in too slow, join my rapid list builder just for TrafficWave users! » Build your lists in TrafficWave! » Build your downline in TrafficWave! » Build your downline in several other list builders!   Introducing TrafficWave List Builder! Free members can post up to 5 ads for free! And […]

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Unofficial List Wire User Manual

Download the Unofficial List Wire User Manual and get several other List Wire-related products for free!


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